Wave Grease Guide

 As you might have heard, there's a lot of myths about Wave Grease that needs to be sorted through. So before you set out on purchasing your Wave Grease, we need to highlight some important facts about 360 Wave Grease.  In this complete guide we will go through topics from how to use wave grease to which is the best wave grease and... should you even buy wave grease?

Why To Use Wave Grease

 If you're on this page, then you probably are desiring that a 360 wave as crispy as 360 Jeezy or some other instagram influencer. Fear, not - check out our Wave Guide for information on starting your wave journey correctly. Now that we're on the same page - you wan't to know how the power of Wave Grease and how to use it. 

How To Apply Wave Grease

1. If you're applying wave grease first thing in the morning then you need to dry your hair! Dry it with the help of a nice soft towel in order to gently out the water in your hair. We need to make sure that the hair is dry before we apply any product in order to get the full effect of the product and keep your hair from becoming frizzy.

2. Next, scoop out a dime to quarter size amount of your wave grease and start by rubbing it back and forth in your palms. Do this till the grease is evenly distributed along your hands.

3. Apply the grease to your hair by messaging it from the center to the sides. Start from inside to outside. Make sure you get every spot of your scalp evenly. 

4. Take a hot damp towel and put it over your head after you are done applying the grease. Let the heat from the towel soak in your grease into your hair. 

5. Now - it's time to brush. Brush your waves as you normally would. 

6. Protection - time to wrap up your waves with a durag.