Complete Guide To Wolfing Waves

Wolfing is the act of growing your hair out for 360 waves.  If you do not have long hair you cannot get GREAT looking waves.  You can get waves with short hair but the longer your hair is when it is layed down, the better it will look.  This is just plain fact.  To maximize the look of their waves, guys have created a process called “wolfing.”


How to Wolf:

  • Grow your hair out, brushing and moisturizing it on schedule
  • Always wear a du rag when you are indoors or don’t have to do something important, you have to keep your hair layed down as it gets longer and longer or it will turn into a afro.
  • Always wear a du rag immediately after you wash your hair when you are wolfing.  Don’t let your hair frizz up into an afro.
  • After 3 weeks evaluate where you are.  Consider getting a cut if you can see a few ripples.  There are many more waves under there.
  • Get a haircut.  If your hair is really long get a “number 2” cut.  This will leave your hair a little longer than a “1 and ½” and creates those DEEP waves.

Use hair grease to keep your hair layed down after a fresh cut. You may notice women breaking their necks when you are out in public. Do not panic, this is perfectly normal.